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CIO Services

Overview: While most businesses view information technology as a cost center and a “keep the lights on” function, IT is truly a strategic asset that can help businesses generate significant profitability. Our IT Strategy process shows how IT can help your business reduce costs and increase revenue. Often our clients tell us that implementing just one of our recommendations pays for itself several times over. Our process helps businesses understand the differences between “information” and “technology”, and where they intersect. We document it all in a method that your CIO can own and maintain going forward. Services:
  • IT Strategy Development and Road mapping. Define which potential IT initiatives best support your strategy and deliver value. We help clients to align technology to the business through proper decision making, planning and execution planning.
  • IT Strategy Execution.  We help clients bridge the gap between IT strategy development and the day to day activities that define success and value.
  • Technology Innovation.  We offer a structured approach to assessing effectiveness and transforming key areas of a business to meet and exceed current and future customer requirements through technology.
  • IT Assessment and Alignment. Leverage Our deep IT expertise to evaluate your IT environment (applications, infrastructure, and IT support processes) and make recommendations aimed towards maximizing the return on your IT investment. We apply a maturity model approach and then help organizations determine where they are, where they want to be – and most importantly, how to get there.
  • Solution Selection. We help in evaluating and selecting software applications that support a variety of business areas.
  • Business Process Redesign.  We can work with you to analyze and redesign your existing business processes, or help you design new processes to achieve improvements in performance.
  • Program/Project Management. Provides senior-level resources to lead strategic technology projects or programs.
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Infrastructure Support

Overview: We provide the support services you need, refining our capabilities and infrastructure to meet your most stringent requirements. Technology may change, but our focus on supporting your IT infrastructure remains the same. Perhaps that’s why we continue to be a market leader in delivering tailored ISS that meet the specific needs of our clients. We organizations build and optimize efficient enterprise wide information technology infrastructures that facilitate business and employee operations while increasing IT effectiveness. Our focus is helping you get the most out of your company IT Infrastructure investments while planning around and expanding your technology backbone to keep pace with ever expanding market and competitive demands. Services:
  • Enterprise Desktop & Server Services: Centrally manage your entire desktop infrastructure for seamless planning and delivery.
  • Identity Management and Directory Services: Increase directory use, improve employee efficiency and performance, and allow for more consistent and controlled security of important information by consolidating and simplifying all of your organization’s disparate directories into a central location.
  • Infrastructure Management Services: Implement best of class tools to effectively manage physical and virtual technology environments across data centers, client computers and devices.
  • LAN/WAN Wireless Services: Design and implement a local and wide-area network server infrastructure optimized for wireless access, acceleration and load balancing.
  • Security: Ensure enterprise wide security and best practices are integrated into every level of your IT infrastructure with forefront client security.
  • Storage Services: Plan, design and implement cost effective storage across your entire enterprise. Capacity, availability, disaster recovery, disk to disk backup, virtual tape libraries and archiving.
  • Virtualization Services: Consolidate multiple servers and services running at non-optimum levels into a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or virtual server environment that is optimized for application virtualization to efficient use, energy savings and reduced operating and equipment costs.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: We will help assess your organization to determine the best desktop and server solutions to meet your requirements.
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Desktop Support

Overview: We offer a broad range of affordable services to help your company install, integrate, troubleshoot, and manage desktop PCs and laptops powered by Windows, Apple OS X, or popular versions of Linux. We can provide online or onsite assistance to help your organization to plan, rollout, updated and maintain operating system software and business applications. Our certified service professionals can help you analyze and resolve desktop solution specific to your organization. If you’re interested in learning more about Our Desktop Support services, please contact  

Technology Compliance

Overview: We understand managing compliance status to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act ) (HIPAA), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and state privacy laws, is a daunting tasks for organizations today. Moreover, existing regulations are constantly changing and new regulations are coming out regularly. At the same time however, organizations must additionally comply with contractual obligations and their own policies and procedures. Complying with all these requirements can not only help companies reduce the risk of legal woes but actually improve their business posture by better defining internal processes around disciplines, including IT management and security. If you’re interested in learning more about our Technology Compliance services, please contact  

Inventory Management

Overview: Our Inventory Management services are aimed at helping organizations manage IT assets and the results are often used for:
  • Populating and Updating Asset Management Systems
  • Augmenting and Updating Help Desk Systems
  • Identifying Surplus Equipment
  • Equipment Refreshes and Replenishment Cycles
  • Managing and Tracking Disposals
  • Tracking Utilization of Software Licensing
IT inventory services typically consist of performing a complete wall-to-wall physical inventory of IT assets and affixing barcode or RFID labels to them. We conducts baseline IT inventory services as well as performing reconciliation to existing data sources. If you’re interested in learning more about our Inventory Management services, please contact  

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Overview: We understand that effective Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery is all about risk management; and when a crisis occurs, technology is only part of the solution. Companies must also have disaster recovery plans and business continuity solutions in place that include a solid plan to locate people, handle communications, manage money, protect facilities, and ensure security. McQueen Technology is unique in our ability to help clients with a business continuity contingency plan. From assessments, to planning, to technology implementation, McQueen Technology can help your organization no matter where you are in the BC/DR development cycle. Services:
  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning: Plan and deploy strategies and technologies with our business continuity consulting services to keep your business running during the most challenging crises.
  • Machine Image Backups – a bit-for-bit copy of a machine
  • File Level Backups – bit-for-bit copy of individual files on a machine
  • Application-aware Backups – transaction consistent copies of databases and applications
  • Block-level Continuous Data Replication (CDP) – real-time replication of disk changes
  • Application-level Continuous Data Replication (CDP) – real-time replication of application data
  • Facility Replication – the above replication techniques sent over a WAN to another location
  • Fail-over – the ability to switch to a replicated system in another location upon failure
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Communications (Telecommunications, VOIP, wireless)

Overview: By focusing on your operations and processes, we are able to provide a solid strategic foundation that will dictate your technology solution. Sometimes you may find that significant technology investments are not needed, saving precious time and money. We will help your company create the best collaborative environment to meet your needs. Services:
  • Messaging & Migrations: Review on premise, hosted and online-shared email services to reduce cost; conduct Microsoft Exchange designs, migrations and deployments including secure messaging, archiving and advanced mobile solutions.
  • Unified Communications: Integrate and unify different communication mediums such as voice, video, email and voicemail into the applications used by your on-site and mobile employees.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Intranet/Extranet Services: Consolidate, centralize and manage content for improved internal and external communication and collaboration.
  • Communication Enabled Applications: Integrate communications and alerts into your business processes to remove human latency; improve customer service and streamline process workflows.
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